Running a Phone Sex Business


Sex lines are a great way to make money, and it doesn’t mean that you have to employ other people. All you need is a feminine voice, which actually means that you don’t have to be a girl. Various phone sex companies actually hire men with feminine voices to act as phone sex girls, and they get paid very well. Sex lines can be run from anywhere, and there is actually even a market for UK phone sex, so it doesn’t matter where you live. Just get a phone sex number and try to keep it separate from your personal number so no confusion occurs.


What You Need:

You’re going to need a sex line voice if you want to be a phone sex operator. Adult phone sex is knowing how to talk dirty, and there is a type of talk you need; phone sex talk. Talking dirty is a way to start, but you also need to know how to talk sensually and really get the person on the other end to want to be with you.

As far as physical things that you’ll need to start a phone sex business, it is important to have a landline. A cell phone will work, but the connections on landlines are considered to be much more reliable. Phone erotica is ruined if the connection cuts out, and more importantly you won’t get paid if you ruined the experience for your client. Even if you do get paid despite it, reviews will sink your entire enterprise.

You’ll also need a website to start advertising your sex lines. A phone sex number will have to be listed, and you’re going to want to advertise if you can to attract clients. There are other services that you can offer with phone sex as well. Phone chat is another one that can be offered. This is a texting service, or rather sexting. This allows your customers to sext you for a price per text. This means that they have to verify payment methods before you start the phone chat process, so that you aren’t cheated out of your money. If you choose this option, you’ll have to have a phone that is capable of texting, and it’s usually best that your personal phone is not used.

Live sex chat is also an option. This can be done with or without webcam. However, webcam will help you to attract more clients, especially if you are offering live sex chat at a reasonable price compared to your competitors. If you decide on this option, you’ll need to have a skype or secure chat program, as well as a high definition webcam if you want to include webcam options.


Proper Precautions:

As a phone sex operator you’ll want to take proper precautions to ensure your safety. This means that you’ll need to have a different phone sex number, and it’s best if this number is bounced, and this is because it cannot be tracked by your clients if they become too infatuated. Part of being a phone sex operator is remaining anonymous because you never truly know who is on the other side of the sex line.

Dirty phone calls can become creepy quickly if lines are crossed, so always state what you are not willing to talk about on your website clearly for all to see. Always stay away from any illegal topics. If a client crosses the line, remember that you have every right to hang up on them and only charge them for the time they took. You are not obligated to continue the conversation until they are finished.

Cheap live chat or phone sex can attract the wrong sort of people, but overall it is considered to be a safe profession. So long as you take the proper precautions, phone erotica can be fun for you and your clients.

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Being a Cheap Phone Sex Operator

Many people look down on phone sex operators and even those who partake in phone erotica, but there’s truly no reason. You can be a cheap phone sex operator and make tons of cash just because you’re offering better rates than other sex lines. It’s important that you never cheat yourself or your client, but there are decent rates that you can offer which will undercut your competitors.

I was a cheap phone sex operator, and it was because I was preforming phone erotica as a freelancer. Sites like and are perfect for this, and there are countless others. For many girls wanting to get into the industry it is important that you join more than one site. It’s okay to have more than one phone sex number, but it can get confusing. Using the same number for most if not all of the sites that you joined is usually recommended. This also helps you to keep up with your adult phone sex clients.


What to Do:

Men call phone sex lines to dirty talk to girls, so you’ll need to know how to talk dirty back. Sex chats are also an option, and you need to remember that you’re offering live phone sex, which is always appealing.

Look around to see what other sex lines are charging for their rates before you determine your personal fees. Take into account the amount of money you’re spending on a landline, or just the amount of money you’re spending on the job in general. You don’t want to just break even as a phone sex operator, you want to make good money. You don’t want to have the cheapest phone sex because many people will distrust your service if you do, so remember to keep a balance between high and low prices. This will help you to attract customers.

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The Danger of Cheap Sex Lines

Cheap sex lines are usually safe, but not all of them are. There are ways to keep away from the danger of fake sex lines, but it can be hard if you’re in a rush. It’s usually best that you look up the phone sex companies or freelancers that you want to call before you actually get in the mood for phone erotica. While you are aroused, your judgment can and usually is clouded.


Terrible Quality:

One of the main problems of any phone sex company that offers cheap phone sex is that it can be poor quality. If your phone erotica is poor quality, chances are that you probably won’t truly enjoy adult phone sex with the phone sex operator that you called. There is no way to get your money back, so it’s usually best to avoid the cheapest phone sex you can find. Phone sex talk is good, but it’s only as good and arousing as the person behind the sex line.


Watch Out for Scams:

Cheap phone sex may help your wallet, but it doesn’t help if you’re getting scammed. It’s important that you don’t fall for phone sex scams, and often they’re hidden in the form of flat rates. It’s not that all flat rate phone sex operations are scams, but the majority of them are. You need to thoroughly research the company before you decide to invest your money into flat rate phone erotica. This goes for live sex chat as well, even with webcam. Webcams can still be fake, and you’ll find that the girl does not respond to anything you say other than generic responses because it is computerized.

Watching out for scams is important to anyone who wants to enjoy phone erotica at a low price. Phone sex numbers should be verified before you use them, and this way you won’t be cheated out of your money, and you’ll be able to enjoy your adult phone sex for as long as you want.


Checking Reviews:

Checking reviews of a phone sex business or particular freelancing phone sex operator is usually the best way to determine if you are calling a legit sex line. If there is only one or two reviews on the company, it usually means that these reviews are likely false and shouldn’t be trusted. Looking for a company that has a lot of reviews will help you to determine if it’s going to be good or bad phone erotica.

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